Saturday, August 24, 2013

National Knife Day!

Yup, August 24th is a cut above the rest, because it has the edge of being national knife day! (I'm lame, get my point?) [Yes, that was 3 "puns"]

Anyways, enjoy the day! has a giveaway on their site, so go check that out! Other than that, here's my collection.

Quick Descriptions. So the ones underneath the leatherman and the fixed blade are made by me, and you can check them out here: KnifeMaking

Other than that, starting from the top left and going down: 
Gerber POS. JK it's not actually called the POS, but that thing's liner lock failed. I still keep it for sentimental purposes though. It was one of my first real knives.
Swiss Army Knife: My first knife!
Leatherman: Another one of my early knives. Works pretty well for what it is. 
Spyderco Endura: My first "high-end" knife. Started the knife/edc addiction. 
Spyderco Dragonfly: Won from a forum contest. Small and great EDC.
Spyderco Mini Persian: One of a kind. I believe it's the only one like this. Mother of Pearl and Jet handles.
Spyderco S: Great knife, one of my grails. Looks pretty sick with all those holes. 
Spyderco Ladybug: Used to be my keychain knife. Then something called Zero Tolerance got in the way.
Spyderco Merlin: Just got it, but I love the hawkbill and serrations. Waved for draw speed. 

Here are some words from the late James Mattis (on why he carries): 

My good reason to carry a knife is that God gave me rather weak teeth and rudimentary claws in an evolutionary trade-off. The hairy-armed person who figured out how to put an edge on a suitable rock made it possible for us to be recognizably human in the first place. I wear a wristwatch whether or not I have an appointment to keep, and I carry a pen and/or pencil because I am a literate person whether or not I have a specific writing task ahead of me, and I carry a knife because I am a human and not an ape.
A knife comes in handy for all sorts of random tasks that involve separating matter. Like cutting a string, or making a sandwich, or opening a package. It can also come in handy in an emergency, which need not involve a human assailant, and emergencies are by their nature unforeseen, so one should carry a knife all the time.
And in a perfect world where nobody needed a weapon, I'd probably carry a slightly larger knife, because it wouldn't scare people. ~James Mattis

Yup, have a nice day and stay sharp! 

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