Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cordura Pocket FAK!

So this is supposed to be a pocket organizer/FAK. Holds a flashlight (specificially Zebralight), and a pen. A little tight for my TWSBI, but it fits.

I am definitely not a great seamstress. It is adequate and sturdy though.

More on the contents and construction after the jump: 

In addition to the flashlight and pen, the FAK also carries:
1 pack of neosporin
2 iodine wipes
2 hand wipes
1 3x3 gauze
1 2x2 gauze
6 bandaids
3 butterfly bandaids
1 credit card with 6 ft of duct tape
1 $20 bill 
10 pills of advil (with instructions)
And most importantly: one pack of quick clot!

I'm really excited about the last one because that means I can eliminate my backpack FAK. Originally, I carried the quickclot separately, but this FAK is big enough to carry everything in pocket! It's around 5"x4", a little big, but oh well. It fits nicely in the front pocket, although I might end up moving my wallet to the back pocket now. 

On construction: This was made of out 500D cordura. I got 60"x36" for $7.75 on Ebay. Waterproof with some sort of coating. I first sewed the two sides, and then turned the entire bag inside out. That hid the stitches and provided a "neater" finish. 

This picture shows the bag before being turned inside out. Afterwards, I just sewn two lines going down to create the pockets for the pen and the flashlight. The velcro was then sewed on with two lines of stitching. I used the backstitch the whole time, and although it got a little uneven, it's holding up very well. 

More Cordura projects are in the works!! After all, I still have enough left to use as a very small blanket. 

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