Sunday, August 4, 2013

Knifemaking Status Update

So. This knife was supposed to be finished by now. However, during the summer, I was playing volleyball and managed to fall in a fire pit. Second and third degree burns all over my left hand. So I can't really use my hand, and my knifemaking is dead. Shame too. The latest one is awesomeness.

Khukuri. Tentatively nicknamed B-Rabbit for now. (Bunny Rabbit. Because the blade kind of looks like a bunny ear. And it's light and fast and kinda rabbity in that way. And because of Eminem and 8-mile.) With an overall length of 19", and a 15" blade, this Khukuri should be great. I plan on using an Arizona Desert Ironwood block to make the full-tang handle. Pain in the butt to make, but it should look nice. Unfortunately, this is all I got done. It's so long that grinding takes forever. Wait no, this is an older picture. I've grounded the entire blade, and am flat-grinding this side. Other side is unfinished. It's so heavy at the moment that it can't be swung without losing control. Might need to do a swedge, fill the top down, and some other things to balance it out.

Other ideas on the template:
A Persian model. It's supposed to be with C-tek scales, but I'm not sure if I can locate the color I want. And it's stupidly expensive otherwise. Still deciding. However, it's almost 4" long with an Emerson wave to open the knife. Should work out right? 

And my latest idea. Small friction folders. Blades are all under 2". I'm thinking of making a bunch of these, and giving them out to a few friends for the cost of material. Should be around $10-15 for each knife. All folders will use D2 steel and G10 handles. 

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