Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Leatherman Style PS

Just got a new multitool for my keychain! Okay, I'll be honest. It's my first multi tool.... so not very EDC-like huh? So I looked for this one for awhile, but finally found it at REI. I was trying to avoid one with a knife, because I already carry a better knife anyways, and I wanted to have one I can carry to school and airports and wherever else that doesn't allow knives. Comes with a bottle opener/carabiner, a pair of tweezers (peeking out near the carabiner), a nail file/flathead screw driver, a pair of scissors, pliers, and a wire cutter.

I love the feelings of the springs in the scissors and the pliers. Nice and crisp, not weak, but yet easy to manipulate. There is a bit of play between the two.. jaws of the pliers, but not enough to affect usage. It cost me $21, not including tax. 

One problem with the pliers is they have a tendency to pinch the hand when in use. It's easy to avoid, but it does nip me now and then. Here's the pliers open: 
Notice the space just behind the pivot. 

And here's it closed. (Sorry, not sure why it's vertical.) But you can see the space is gone. Pinch right there.

The scissors are small, obviously, but work pretty well. Here's a view of the tools: 
Quite nice with the finish and such. I like the fact that the tweezers are angled a little bit. Easier to get the really small stuff. Not a lot of functions, but I can't really think of what else I'd need, except for maybe some bits for screws and my bike.. but that's almost impossible to find. No knife is a bonus in this case. 

Here's a picture of it on my keychain. I don't carry much. Just a house key, 8 gb USB, and a 4sevens Preon 0. It's pretty small overall, compared with an AA eneloop and a quarter. The fob's just for ease in extraction. 

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