Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oakley Sunglasses

My pair of Oakley half jackets. I've had these for at least three years already. Notice that the lettering at the bridge has been worn off. Still, I think they were worth every bit that I paid for them. ($120) 

I actually have another pair of black lenses. This first pair, I didn't buy polarized, so later, I bought another set of lenses for around $90 (Black Iridium Polarized.) They're expensive, but worth it. Try on a pair at least. They're a lot more comfortable and easier on your eyes. This video explains it a lot better: 

A lot of engineering goes into the Oakley lenses, and makes them worth it, for me. Also, they're crazy durable. The frames are a little cheap and plastic, but the good thing about the plastic is it's flexible. I sat on my Oakley's by accident once, and one of the arms popped out- it's designed that way. By doing so, the glasses release the stress and are unharmed by my fat butt. The same uploader on youtube has videos of shooting BBs and dropping 500g spikes onto the Oakley lenses. They will protect your eyes- I use mine for shooting protection. 

It sounds like a lot of money, but $210 over three years comes out to.. a little over 19 cents a day. Try them out at least. Go to a local store and see the difference! I think they're worth it, and I'm thinking about grabbing another pair, since I want to buy new lenses, and it'd just be another $30 for a frame...

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