Friday, August 2, 2013

FAK that!

Just in case anyone's wondering what I carry in my FAK (First Aid Kit). It's supposed to be a daily EDC. Sometimes, I carry a bigger one, but this is my pocket FAK. It's no good if it's in your backpack at home right?

4x4 gauze
2 iodine prep pads
5 bandaids
1 pack neosporin
3 butterfly bandaids (cuts)
~4 ft duct tape (most used item)
3 duct tape butterfly band aids (on the card)

Oh, and a silver eagle. It's not supposed to be in there, it's kind of a placeholder for my challenge coin. (Which is probably coming tomorrow or the day after!) Although it'd probably make a good bargaining
chip, I'd rather stuff a $20 bill (not pictured), since it's lighter and easier to use. I doubt target accepts silver...

That's my pocket FAK. In my backpack one, I carry pretty much the same stuff, but also gloves, a roll of gauze, and quickclot. I know quickclot's controversial, but it packs small and it's a last resort in my eyes. However, I'm trying to find Celox since I think it'd be easier to pack the powder into a wound, especially if it's a thin puncture or GSW. Well, I gave the quickclot to my brother for his canoeing trip, but I'll be getting it back soon. I also carry advil in the bigger one, since I used to carry the pocket FAK to school and we have a stupid no pills rule. 

Oh and last, if anyone knows where to get caffeinated gum... I want to add it to my FAK for those days at school.

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