Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've been looking for patches to put on my backpack. So I dug around, and found this one. Maybe a little too violent for school? Oh well. I was considering buying some very conservative(politically speaking), but given the atmosphere at school.... anyways, here's my patch:

Hehe. Not exactly the prettiest one, but I like it. The red background and skull have some sort of reflective thread too, so it's pretty catchy on the eye. I want to find another one to put to the left of the backpack... still looking though. Maybe a few for my camelback? 

Sorry for not posting as much, I've been working at college apps and school started and family visited and I kinda stopped for awhile. I still carry my EDC every day though... should be an interesting thing when winter comes around and I switch to jeans. I'd be down to two pockets from the original four. (I don't believe in butt pockets. I'm always afraid I'm too fat and will crush the items, and I hate sitting like I have a tumor on my buttocks.) Currently trying to find a Perrin Bracelet.. should be interesting. 

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