Friday, August 9, 2013


My #1 favorite piece of clothing. Well, maybe not. But a beanie packs small and light, yet offers a lot of warmth for its size. Often overlooked too! Here's mine:

Yeah, I have no idea how I managed to end up with the same color scheme on both.  The Philmont one is really nice and cushy. At least 1/4" thick. Probably more. But it's a little too bulky for me, so I just end up wearing the Spyderco beanie. Funny thing is, I can wear it around school and no one has a clue. Just a pretty spider on a beanie right? 

It's really thin, but keeps me pretty warm. It's nice to have something over my head and especially ears. My ears get cold really easily. But sometimes, if it's cold and I'm wearing short sleeves, I can just pop on a beanie and it gets better! To the point that I don't need a jacket. So yup. Look into one. It's small enough that I usually just keep the Spyderco one in the pocket of my jacket. 

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