Monday, August 12, 2013

Kydex Wave!

I waved my Spyderco Merlin! Opens up faster than any other knife system, and easily done to a Spyderco! 
I used a spare piece of Kydex for the wave. In case you don't know what a wave is:

So basically the kydex hook catches on to the corner of your pocket, and opens the knife for you! I used a spare strip of kydex I had, sanded it down so its width was equal to the diameter of the hole, then heated it up, and placed it on the knife. If you try this, make sure to really pull the kydex up against the top of the hole, and get a good definition of the blade steel. You might need a few matches to heat a few times. Then, some time with files and sandpaper put the hook shape in the kydex. 

It's cheap, easy, and works very well. It's my favorite option for a non-permanent wave. 

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