Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spyderco C109 S! (HOLEY COW!)

So I traded for two knives! (Next one will be up tomorrow.) (I sent the Air away.) First off... one I'm stupidly excited about. The Spyderco S. Not the most popular knife, but ever since I saw it two years ago (when I began this knife EDC stuff), I wanted it.

Pretty cool, isn't it? More after the jump: 
The Spyderco S is made of 440C, manufactured in Taiwan. Uses a wire clip and a compression lock. Was made from '06-'09. Currently sells for around $100-200 on Ebay. Very comfortable and solid knife. I thought it would feel a little flimsy, but it feels solid. Light, but solid. Like a Glock or something. It looks light and cheap, but it works great.
Folded up
Compression Lock by Spyderco. Very nice jimping on this one. It's somewhat sharp, and very fine. So you get a good grip, but your thumb doesn't dig in too much. 

Made in Taiwan. Always a bonus for me. (I'm Taiwanese and racist ;) )
So there it is. Spyderco S- my grail. Completed. We'll see if it holds up. Hopefully it isn't like the Dodo. I loved the knife... got it... and then got bored of it. I'm constantly trading the knife in the S's spot. It was Navaja for Dodo for Air for S. So yeah. Hopefully it's here to stay. Either way, it'll sell for a pretty penny. 

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