Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Damascus Spydercos

The college I'm attending only allows knives under 3". As such, I've been shifting my collection towards smaller, classier knives and I think these two spydercos fit that goal. The Spyderco Caly 3, Carbon Fiber scales and Damascus blade, as well as the Spyderco Delica 4, Titanium scales and Damascus blade.

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The Delica is one of my favorite knives at the moment. The titanium scales are a little slick, but it is very thin (great for IWB carry) and decently cheap. At $150, I think it is great value for a damascus. Lock up is tight and just about perfect. 

Delica compared with a quarter, AA battery, and standard #2 Pencil.

I love the way the Caly 3 looks. I've heard it called the "tuxedo" Caly, and I can definitely see why. The carbon fiber provides a nice classy look, while the shiny bolsters help to offset the "darkness" of the knife. The only thing is I am not a great fan of the damascus pattern. Rather, I much prefer the tighter, more "flowy" look of the Delica. On the other hand, I prefer the more covert carry allowed by the wire clip. It looks much less like a knife, and the dark scales help it to blend in and remain unobtrusive. For everyday applications in public, this is an important consideration for me. Also, I find the pinned construction classier and less jarring with the flow of the knife than the Delica's. 

It's hard to capture, but the carbon fiber has that classic "3D" look. 

A cool factor about the spines of the knife is the dark streak running down the blade. I'm assuming that the VG10 must be the black metal, since in the picture below, you can clearly see the dark VG10 core sandwiched by the lighter metal. 

Bottom Line? I think these are two great knives for my EDC in a college environment. They're legal and look less "weapon" and more classy. For the money I don't think the Delica can be beat. Its thickness and weight makes it ideal for an everyday knife, although the scales are a little slick. However, at nearly an extra $100, I find the Caly 3 worth the money due to its flawless construction. Backspacer looks like one piece, no discernible gaps between the bolsters and scales.. it's incredibly well finished. If only the damascus blade can be changed... but I realize that there must be some who prefer this one as well. 

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