Wednesday, June 18, 2014

EDC Update! (It's about time)

School, finals, personal life... stuff has kind of gotten in the way. But here's a quick update on my EDC.

Same pair of sunglasses, bracelet and necklace. New things on my keychain, finally got a smartphone, and a new wallet, with lockpicks. Watch has been changed out to a Seiko 2nd Gen Monster, and I have a couple new knives. After this summer, I'll be moving to college in Illinois, so I've been changing my EDC to fit that (no knives over 3" :(  ). Got a new pilot decimo. Clicky fountain pen = faster notes? I don't even know if I'll be taking notes with pen and paper, but just in case. (Any excuse for a new pen right?) 

So just a quick update - I'll be posting up more in-depth mini-reviews of my carry over the next few days. 

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