Friday, June 20, 2014

Attempting to Kickstart a project! Please help!

Price? $20 Shipped.

This is my new project. It's the Capricorn Pocket Hook, and I honestly believe it can be a great addition to one's EDC. I did not set out with the goal of selling this design. Instead, I created this design out of G10 and then realized I wanted it in titanium. But obviously, one waterjetted piece is too expensive. So I decided this was a design worth sharing, and here it is today (and of course, I'm making a piece for myself too!)

This project is about to happen. As of now, the prototypes are being created by the waterjetting service. After some quick testing, I will anodize a few pieces, take pictures and a video and finalize the Kickstarter page. If all goes well, this will be up by the first week of July. More details after the jump:

I think the Capricorn is a safe investment. So here's my pitch:

At only $20, there's not much risk. This is the only pocket tool that integrates a hook into its design (that I'm aware of). A hook is a novel idea, and I imagine quite a few people are wondering how useful it is. Carrying bags, hanging things on a backpack... maybe you're wondering if a hook has a place in your EDC. After all, it's sort of like a carabiner. And do you use a carabiner enough to justify this purchase?

Regardless of your carabiner use (or lack of), $20is not much. Not to undervalue money, but it's $20 for a pocket dangler. A titanium pocket dangler, bottle opener, and a 1/4" bit wrench. Maybe you'll use the hook for more than keys. Maybe not. Even without the hook, I still think it's a great value and addition to an EDC.

And here's the sympathy/this is my dream statement (might as well call it what it is right?) But we (my partner and I) need at least 250 people backing this project to make it a success. We're best friends of four years and recent graduates from high school. It would mean so much to go to college knowing we could do something like this. Knowing that we have the capability to design and create a tool that 250 people trust and invest in. I promise we will get this product to you, at your satisfaction. By creating the final prototype and testing it, we're eliminating almost all risk of the tool not working. As for shipping? I'm confident that we can send the packages out so our tool can arrive on your doorstep.

If you find our project worthy, please click on this link. It'll take you to our prefundia page. By signing up under "notify me," you will receive an email when the project goes live on Kickstarter in the next few weeks. Also, please share us with your friends! For the project to be successful, we need to reach a larger audience and shares would really help! Thanks for reading this far. It really, actually means a lot to us.

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