Friday, June 20, 2014

Seiko 2nd Generation Monster

The Seiko Monster is an automatic (springs and gears only!) watch that is made for diving up to 200m deep. It retails for around $200. The main upgrade to the second generation monster is the 4R36 movement. This allows both hacking (stopping the second hand's movement when changing time) and winding (turning the crown to charge the watch.) Mainly pictures for this one, but more after the jump!
Just to get this off the table, but automatic watches are not as accurate. Their movements are more fragile than their quartz counterparts, and cost more to boot. So why did I get an automatic? No practical reason. But because this watch is in a sense, living. It's springs are wound by my arm movement (or crown turning). Also, its 6 ticks per second, sweeping second hand, and construction all feel better to me. It's not an inanimate piece of metal powered by electricity, but rather, a ticking, moving, complex device powered by my movement. It just feels better to me. Also, the accuracy is decent. Over the past four days, I've gained 11 seconds. That's less than 3 seconds a day! (Just saying, this is very impressive for a $200 automatic watch).

Unfortunately, my Seiko monster doesn't have a clear caseback, but my previous Seiko 5 does. Here, you can see the various springs and gears that keep the watch alive. This is why I choose automatic watches. I guess I'm a little too sentimental. 

Compared to my Seiko 5
I don't have a large enough sample to be sure, but this Monster is more accurate than my seiko, which runs on the previous 7s26 movement.

The watch is very well made. The rotating bezel turns with many minute, satisfying clicks. There is no wiggle or shake, but a steady, solid turning. The fit and finish on the watch is great. 

Here's a quick wrist shot. It's a big watch, but not crazy-big in my opinion. 

Another change, the shark-teeth lumibrite indicators, just look much sharper to me than the original rectangles of the older monster. Speaking of which, lumibrite is, well, bright. It glows throughout the entire night and is still visible by the time I wake up (in a dark room). It's a great watch. I think so anyway. 

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