Terms and Acronyms

Just trying to explain all the random terms and acronyms that I may use. Here we go. I'll add to it

EDC- Every Day Carry. Just things you carry throughout the day. This includes flashlights, knives, watches, cell phones, sentimental objects, whatever. Even underwear. (In my case, EDC can also be thought of as Every Day Crap. Since I have a feeling I might spam things here as well. )

NKP- Non-Knife Person. Self explanatory.

FAK- First Aid Kit

Knife Terms:

Choil: The half-moon shape in a handle, or blade (more commonly used for blade), where one's finger grips the knife.

Detent: Usually a little ball bearing. Holds the knife blade closed.

Scales- Makes up the handle. So if you have a wooden kitchen knife, the wood would be your scales.

Blade- If you don't know this... oh god.

Clip- A clip allows the knife to be carried on the lip of a pocket. Created by Spyderco

Lock- Holds a blade open.

Not so good terms:

POS- Piece of Suckage. (The S can also be something you offer to the toilet.)

PITA- Pain In The Ass

SHTF- Shit Hits the Fan. Can be a personal situation, or can also be used to describe the end of the world.

TEOTWAWKI- The End of The World As We Know It. Let's not get there.

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