Monday, July 29, 2013


If you've ever seen a photo of my entire knife collection (I'll post a picture soon), you'll notice around half the knives have a hole in the blade. The other halfish are made by.. me! I have the largest collection of Minibear knives in the world. Which isn't saying much. Point is, aside from a swiss army and a gerber (POS, was not worth it. I avoid gerber like the plague now), my only production knives are Spydercos. My Endura was my first "real" knife, and I've found that Spydercos have a great quality. On the occasional miss, the warranty will have the knife back within 3 weeks. (My Navaja's Carracca broke once.) I tend to stick with a brand once I know it, so thus, I've stuck with Spyderco. My reasons for avoiding other companies?

Well Chris Reeve is just waaaay outta my price range. Same with Hinderers. Although I'd love a CRK just for the machining tolerances. Like I said, run away from Gerber. Kershaw knives... I like them and wouldn't mind buying one, but I'm not a fan of the designs. Emerson knives I feel aren't worth the money at all. $200 for 154CM and G10? I'd stick with my Endura for a third of the price. And Emersons are much too big for me. Especially when weight counts. What else... oh Benchmade -.- I didn't like benchmade after them using the Spyderco hole without a license. So I'm still on the boycott Benchmade group. And the Axis lock is good, but I don't trust the springs. Too many stories of them breaking.

Here are my Spydercos. Oops, bad picture. Let's go chronologically! So my first ever knife was the Endura, two years ago. (it's what launched this madness!) (back right) I got it because my gerber was a POS and I wanted a new knife. For only $10 more than the Gerber.. the Endura provides much better steel, better tolerances... and a lock that can't be defeated with a pinky. It was a great knife for my need. Best knife to use. But I like fancier knives.

The next was a Spyderco Ladybug. I got the serrated blade to make up for its tiny size. I snagged that one off of Ebay for something like $12. It had a bit of rust, but cleaned up nice. I don't really carry  it though. Something about school and forgetting to remove items from keychains.

Next was the Spyderco Persian. Got it for something like $95. Great knife. It's actually a Mini-Persian. Originally had black micarta scales (the other side has black scales), but the front side has been customized by Santa Fe Stoneworks. Black and White Pearl for the web, black Jet for the handles, and a nickel silver spyderco bug. I love that one. Fanciest knife I have. 

Then I traded for the Spyderco Air... that one's actually for sale or trade at the moment. Great knife, but it's a little too thin and I kind of want a pocket clip. Other than that, it doesn't fill any void in my EDC, so it's going. I'm just looking for the right deal. (The one I made sports a longer blade and is lighter.. so it kind of pushes the Air out.) 

And lastly, the Dragonfly that I won. This was for a forum contest to guess 105 Spyderco knives. (List the model, steel and handle material, and country of origin.) Haven't tried it too much, but it's great. A small knife with a clip. Nice for a more... robust EDC around NKP. Big enough for most EDC things, and the g10 handle inspires more confidence in the grip. 

So yup, that's my little collection. Hehe. 

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