Thursday, July 25, 2013


Or maybe the P should be switched with a t. Cursive seems to be fading out. I don't have the neatest cursive, but in my opinion it is workable. But apparently some people still can't read it. Kind of sad when you think that one day, people won't be able to read cursive. Since schools aren't teaching it, I suspect there'll only be a few pockets here and there who learn from their parents, and eventually it might fade out. Anyways, because I got annoyed with people not being able to read, I switched my handwriting to a Chancery Italic. Technically I didn't "switch" (I have three different 'fonts'- a chicken scratch, cursive, and an italic), but it's hard to move back and forth since it becomes a habit to me. So yup. Here's the three types. Sorry for all the mistakes, I ended up mixing some letters. And the italic got sloppy. The last bit of italic is probably the better bit. This was written with a TWSBI Mini Classic and Sailor Jentle Blue ink.

Hopefully I'll get the italic down before school.

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