Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013 EDC Haul!

;July has been an unusually good month for me. I never spend too much, but now and then good things happen and I get a lot more stuff than usual. In June, all I got was... a bottle of ink. But here's this month's haul:

Not the best pic, but oh well. I'll go chronologically. 

Zebralight SC52- So I picked this one up for $65 from Illumination Supply. I needed a bike light, and that's where it usually sits. The size and flood make it perfect for that task. Currently the brightest commercial single AA light. Has an output of 280 lumens!!!! That is, just in case you're not sure, insane. I should do some beamshots. It's been reliable so far, and I've been feeding it a bunch of duraloop batteries.

Spyderco Air- Got this one in a trade for my Dodo. I didn't really like the shape of the dodo. Problem is, I don't really like the air either. No pocket clip kind of excludes it from most carry. So I'm not really sure what to do with it. Maybe keep it for more formal occasions? But then I have my Persian too.

Sailor Jentle Ink- For my fountain pen. Water resistant with an amazing sheen. There was  a sale on them and I couldn't resist. Great ink- it'll probably end up as my school ink. 

Spyderco Dragonfly- Won this from a forum contest! Basically 105 knives and the first one to list model, steel, handle material, and country of origin for all of them wins. No one got them all, but I won with 98 out of 105. Pretty knutty. Good thing/problem was I knew them all from memory! (Not obsessed....)

And finally, the one that just came today, the Mooshbot coins! I got a challenge coin from Mooshi and a bunch of tokens as well. It's a reminder that I really need to smile more and get out of the occasional depressed slumps. And also, maybe more importantly, to make others smile as well. Woot woot! 

Mooshbot Minion; Est. 2013; Pay it Forward
one random act of kindness brings many tears of joy

And I'm going to use the coins as a fiddle thing too. I used to like to fiddle with my knives... but I couldn't do that in public. Sadly. All the ridges and stuff make this coin fun to play with. 

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