Monday, November 11, 2013

Caffeinated Gum

Just a quick heads up. I think it comes out to just over $1 a pack when you buy it on Amazon. (Then again, you have to buy 25 packs at once, I bought it along with two other friends to help share the costs.) At $1 a pack, each piece is 20 cents. Each piece provides roughly the same caffeine as a cup of coffee. Therefore, in terms of caffeine content alone, it is a lot cheaper.

I carry a few pieces in my first aid kit, since I find it's helpful, especially for all those boring lectures by teachers. (Sorry, too many commas?) The back doesn't really say much, but here's a picture of it anyway: 

Sorry about the glare, but it's just a bunch of warnings. More importantly, how is the gum? Well, the first time I had it, there was a really strong, nice cinnamon taste. Not bad. Then, that cinnamon taste quickly wore off, and was replaced by a nasty, bitter taste. If it were any stronger, I would have ended up face-first over the toilet. It was bitter. In case you don't know, the bitterness is caffeine. 100mg in a small little piece of gum leaves a very heavy taste. I almost threw out the pack (not to mention threw up the pack..). Still, I braved the gum a second time a week later. The bitterness was not as harsh. I believe it's an acquired taste, and by now, after around two packs, I don't mind that bitterness at all. It's indicative of how much caffeine is left. It's not tasty, but the bitterness is ignore-able (yes, that's a word), and definitely worth the kick.

The kick? It works. Around five minutes in, I can feel the effects of caffeine, and it keeps me up. It's not exactly a rockstar, 300mg caffeine kick, but to me, it feels more effective than a cup of coffee. (And try drinking hot coffee while running to your classes!) It's definitely a lot more portable and convenient than a drink, and it is absorbed faster (directly into the blood vessels in your mouth). I would definitely recommend it, although 25 packs (125 pieces), may be too much for a single purchase. Either try to find other people to split it with, or maybe look around in surplus stores. And be careful the first time you have it. :D

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