Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Snacks/Bug Out Food (BOF?)

Here it is. My little pack of food for EDC. Well, bag EDC, mostly my school backpack. 1260 Calories, 12.5 ounces in weight. More specifics after the jump.

So I tried to shoot for the 100 calories per ounce range, and just barely succeeded. The beef jerky was only 90 calories for something quite over 1 ounce, and the oatmeal was a hair over. But the bars made up for the difference. 

I had:
2 packs of beef jerky- 90 calories, 1.25 ounces each.
1 cup of oatmeal- 300 calories, just over 3 ounces
2 fiber one bars- 140 calories, 1.2 ounces or so
5 Chewy Bars- 100 calories, .8 ounces each. 

Overall, including packaging, was around 12.5 ounces, and 1260 calories. This is mostly for snacking "emergencies," just when I'm hungry. But with 1260 calories, it can easily replace a meal, maybe even suffice for an emergency day (with a lot of stretching.) 

This was just what I had around the house, I'm hoping to add a pack of peanut butter (lots of calories there! 170 calories per ounce), maybe a clif bar or a Datrex bar (3600 calories in one), some nuts. Some powder for water.  But so far, so good, IMO. 

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